An adequately landscaped garden has a significant impact on the overall visual aesthetics of a property. A garden is the first thing a person will encounter in a residential property. Hence, it has to be beautiful, clean and maintained. It is a place where you can relax, rejuvenate your mind and use it as bait during a house’s resale. 

Do you have a garden space on your property? Which type of landscaping design do you prefer? This is a complex question for people who need to be made aware of the common types of landscaping designs that are majorly present in residential properties. For them, contacting professionals for landscaping in Fife is the best option.

Common types of landscaping designs for residential properties

English Garden

This is the most common type of landscaping design that suits most residential properties in and around Fife. It is a simple design with mostly coloured floral plants and shrubs. 

Through this design, the landscaper tries to evoke a countryside image in the garden. You can also ask the professional to add a small pergola, ponds, and other water features to the garden. 

Tropical Garden

This is commonly known as the oriental style garden.  They are majorly decorated with tropical plants like orchids, palm trees, and other tropical plants that grow within the area of Fife. With a tropical garden on your premises, you don’t need to fly to an expensive island; you can enjoy tropical vibes in your house. 

Here, the landscapers generally prefer using bold-coloured plants, which make the environment happier, rather than retaining the calmness of nature.

Spanish Garden

Spanish child landscaping is generally famous in areas where the weather is hot and dry. In this type of landscape garden, the professionals prefer building a drought-resistant ceramic path through the garden to the house instead of placing a lawn full of grass. 

If you want a clean path through your garden, then Spanish Garden is your option. With this type of landscape, you can use a corporate walking path,  small decorative pools,  fountains and even driveways for your car through the Garden. 

Woodland Garden

Are you a fan of woods and forests? Do you want a cosy cable amidst the woods? Then, the woodland landscaping style is your best choice. It is easy to maintain as the landscapers generally use hardwood trees around the Garden to decorate the same.

Some of the common trees that you’ll find in a woodland garden are walnut, oak, maple, redwood, pine, spruce, etc. 

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