Do you have a deck attached to your home or ample space that you are considering converting into a deck? 

Here, we can help you by suggesting some ideas on how to convert all that space into something useful, captivating and artsy. As a leading landscaping company in Fife, we have been juggling with these ideas for quite some time. Now, we are going to share and unveil them to you. 

Three attractive landscaping ideas to convert your under-deck areas

So, let’s look at three novel landscaping ideas that can help you transform all that space underneath the deck into a robust storage idea. 

A functional storage

The first idea that many professional landscaping companies can implement on your behalf is functional storage. This is an absolutely impeccable way to transform the deck underneath into a storage area. You can easily store all your garden tools therein. 

However, we strongly advise that you install a roof along with it because the items stored there might get wet. As a customer, you have to specify what kind of functional storage system you are looking for. These could depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • What items would you like to store therein?
  • What conditions would you prefer for these items to stay in?

Incorporating planting and landscaping

This is yet another way to spruce up your under-deck areas. You can achieve this by planting, gardening, and landscaping in the under-deck areas. It could be an extension of your already existing landscaping. 

However, you need to ensure that the plants underneath the deck might need to be able to perform well in the shade. There are many shade-loving ornamental grasses that could fit well in that space. Oftentimes, many homeowners opt to boulder in the under-deck areas. 

Add a patio extension

This is the ultimate extension you could think of for your under-deck place. If you have an upper-level deck high enough to provide a headroom beneath it, you might want to convert it into a functional space. You can also add a roof and create a covered space with a ceiling.

However, we advise using ceiling materials that are particularly made rain-proof. A patio can be a wonderful extension to your home if you have townhomes or small yards. Owing to the minimal space involved, a patio could serve you well. 

These are worthy landscaping ideas to revamp your under-deck space. You can make these dream ideas come true with the guidance of a trusted landscaping company in Fife